Below, you will find a list of contact resources for the Office of the Registrar. However, many questions should actually be directed as follows:

Cal Student Central

Open a Cal Student Central case for:

  • Change of name and/or address
  • Missing exams or transfer courses and/or errors in Transfer Credit Reports. (Note that all information should be posted by the end of the starting term.)
  • Pre-evaluation of courses for transfer credit from a non-California Community College
  • Evaluation of transfer courses for purposes of completing American History and American Institutions with transfer course
  • Enrollment and registration issues/errors (college and major advisors may also be able to help)
  • GPA errors
  • Grade not submitted by an instructor
  • Lapsing an Incomplete grade
  • Freeze petition status
  • Degree not displaying in CalCentral
  • Diploma delivery status
  • Requesting a letter to explain why a diploma is not yet available
  • Questions about billing or payment
  • Deferred Payment Plan
  • Emergency loans
  • Financial aid, scholarships, or grant options
  • Any holds like the F04 hold placed by Financial Aid
  • Refunds for residents, if classified as a resident after tuition was paid
  • Questions about the CalCentral Schedule of Classes or Schedule Planner

College and Major Advisors

  • Contact an advisor with questions about degree requirements and for help adding, dropping, or swapping classes.


  • Contact Berkeley Housing with questions about residential halls or student family housing.


Berkeley Student Information Systems

  • Students can find detailed enrollment information in the Berkeley Student Information System’s Enrollment FAQ.

Contact Resources for the Office of the Registrar

Academic Records

Berkeley Academic Guide and Class Schedule


Email with questions about residency for tuition purposes, UC Policy, and Berkeley’s business processes relating to petitioning for resident classification.

Visitor & Exchange Programs

Email for questions about EAP, cross registration, etc.


Email with questions about undergraduate readmission.


Email for questions about degree and enrollment verifications and subpoenas.

Veterans Benefits

Email for questions about veterans educational benefits.

Classroom Scheduling

For one-time General Assignment classroom reservations (everything except regular academic classes), space requests may be submitted via 25Live, and questions can be submitted via the Classroom Reservations form (UCB Departments or RSOs/Student Groups). 

Web Reporting

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