General Information

General Assignment (GA) classrooms are managed by the Office of the Registrar and can be reserved by faculty/staff or registered/sponsored student groups. (Non-GA classrooms are directly managed by academic departments.) Please note that:

  • GA classrooms on campus may be reserved for authorized university activities and programs in accordance with existing university policies, campus regulations, and any specific building restrictions.
  • Non-academic use of GA classrooms must be for authorized activities that have a direct programmatic relationship to the purpose of the university department or the mission of the university, and must not interfere with official university functions or unreasonably disrupt campus operations.
  • The person in control of the event or activity must be on site for the duration of the entire event. For departmental events only, if someone cannot be present, the department must sign a waiver accepting all responsibility for the possible cost of property damage or bodily injury arising out of the event.
  • The department or registered student organization is responsible for the cost of all building unlocking/locking, custodial services, grounds maintenance, zero waste, possible property damage, or other impacts (possibly unforeseen), resulting from this event.
  • University departments should not act as agents for students, signatories, RSOs, or non-affiliated, outside groups.
  • Non-Affiliated groups or people are not permitted to reserve classroom space through the Office of the Registrar at this time. You may refer to ASUC Event Services or the Campus Event Facilities List.

Most general assignment classrooms are available Monday–Friday 8am to 10pm, building hours may vary. The University is not open on Saturday and Sundays or on University holidays, however, designated buildings can be reserved on the weekends. Fees may apply. For more information, please fill-out this inquiry form.

Note: The Office of the Registrar is unable to bring in additional furniture or equipment into General Assignment classrooms. Please contact ASUC Event Services or Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) to inquire about renting additional items.

It is recommended that you look to alternative campus event spaces if we cannot accommodate the logistics of your event: ASUC Event Services or Campus Event Facilities List

For more information, please fill-out this inquiry form.